Bad-Bike is a brand that identifies a range of bicycles from the sporty character and an attractive design, the production is designed, however, to create vehicles that offer a real alternative to the mobility scooter or for all cars, in fact promoting the concept respect for the environment through sustainable mobility.

The first and only car 100% electric designed, developed and produced at the facilities of Tazzari Group in Imola, in the heart of the Motor Valley. Tazzari Group is a group of companies founded in 1963 thanks to the entrepreneurial impetus of Giorgio Tazzari, but it was an idea of Erik Tazzari’s (President of the Group since 2005) that, in 2006, led to the ZERO Project being conceived: the objective is to create an electric city car with technical features never seen before, including an innovative ultralight chassis technology using aluminium casting assembled with aerospace structural adhesives and the most advanced technology for the management of lithium batteries, for extraordinary performance and autonomy.

Tazzari ZERO was born out of half a century of experience of Tazzari Group in aluminium fusion technology and in the supply of automotive/motorcycle components, combined with the skills acquired in the chassis, electronics and design sectors. The first electric car model Tazzari ZERO was presented in December 2009 at the preview of Bologna Motor Show. It enters the market in January 2010.

In 2016, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the birth of the ZERO Project, the TAZZARI EV range is renewed once again with 4 revolutionary products: ZERO EM1, ZERO EM2 SPACE, ZERO CITY, ZERO JUNIOR.

Moreover, Tazzari Group, through its Tazzari EV Technologies division, collaborates actively in development of electric vehicles and cars of other brands. Continuous evolution.

Green Look has found the Zero project of Tazzari Group really interesting, and has been thinking of collaborating to spread the electric car philosophy in Switzerland for a more sustainable mobility for the environment, and will sell the model


La Tazzari Zero EM2 Space é una vettura

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In Ticino, an italian part of Switzerland, was born a new company called Green Look, with the aim of sensitizing and promote electric mobility, in order to promote urban and regional mobility, safeguarding the environment and people's health.

Among the various products that Green Look wants to propose on the market is the Tazzari Zero EM2 Space, a completely electric car that is produced in the "Motor valley" of Imola, in Italy, by the Tazzari Group leader in the fields of frame, electronics and design. Find out the strengths of the city's electric mobility on the dedicated page.

For slow mobility, Green Look makes you discover the excellent e-bikes at pedal assisted produced by Bad Bike, in the product section found the catalog.


Other electrical mobility products will soon be presented.


If you want more information, make road tests, or give us suggestions, please contact us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at +41 76 380 70 01.